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Pinching pain left side of chest

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Chest Muscle Pain Relief - Ask Doctor Jo

By subscribing, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Heart Disease Community. Pinching - pulsating chest pain latief. Hello, last November, i started getting this slight pain in my chest, it was a slight discomfort pinching- pulsating pain like every now and then, i went to the school infirmary and i was told that it was most likely muscular or something like that, the pain persisted i'm not sure if it became stronger, or was it just me paying more attention so i went back in January this year for further testing, the doctor asked me about family history, ran blood and an ekg tests and he said that he does not see anything wrong Answer Question.

Read 15 Responses. Follow - 1. Hello I can relate with you here - have you ever heard of costochondritis?

What Causes Slight Pinching Pain in the Upper-Left Chest?

If not look it up on the web this is what i suffered with and i went through the same tests as you ecg echo bloods and chest x rays and like you i was convinced i was dying there was something that the doctors had not picked up on etc. If you can relate to the info you find on costochondritis then go back and suggest this to your doctor they should be able to give you something to ease it. I think you can be sure your heart is ok after all you have had plenty of tests and seen the doctor plenty of times and you really have to believe them if they say your ok.

Feel free to ask anymore questions. Good Luck. Thanks for the reply Hi Yes there are sore spots with costo sometimes i could find these myself and sometimes i could only feel them when the doctor pressed, i guess they know exactly where to press and how hard. Why not give the specialist a try?

I guess by specialist you mean a cardiologist? I saw one and although nothing was found it was a relief seeing one as these people look at hearts all day every day therefore they really are the guys to see if you think something might be wrong. Also i know its unbeliveable but anxiety does cause pains like your describing its something ihave been going through since the costo and even after i got rid of it and it took me a long time to accept its not my heart and it is just the anxiety.

Especially the more you worry, the more you bring on the feelings its a vicious circle.

pinching pain left side of chest

I am no doctor so dont take my word for it but its just some things to consider. I've been getting this same pain as you described. I have get the pinching sensation maybe 2 times a day. And shortly afterwards I feel a little dizzy, unfocused. Then about an hour later I feel normal again.

This feling has been going on for about 3 weeks. I often carry a lot of groceries on my backpack and I wonder if that is triggering the sensation.? I have the exact same feeling I'm a 30 yr old female. I know it isn't anxiety because it happens when I'm most at rest. A lot of times, right before I fall asleep. My EKG was normal and I just had an echo. I haven't gotten the results yet. My doctor said I might have cardiomyopathy, which is an enlarged heart that is weakened.

It can be a virus, but also it can be genetic, and also can be a condition that the body creates due to toxins. I am dependent on a drug called Tramadol and the doc thinks maybe Tramadol caused cardiomyopathy.However, in some patients, sometimes the discomfort is dull or aching rather than sharp and stabbing. The pericardium is a sac-like membrane; it surrounds the heart.

About that last point, that has happened to me. A few hours later I started getting shooting, stabbing pains there. Over time I noticed that when this occurred, I had massaged my elbow a few hours prior. I then began massaging my elbow in a different sitting position, making sure my right arm was not contacting my breast.

So if this kind of pressure is occurring to your left breast which can also happen if you sleep on it wrongthen it just could trigger a sharp pain that seems to be coming from your chest. Doctor Experts for this Site. Provided by CalculatorsWorld. Previous Next. Medically reviewed by Kavitha Chinnaiyan, MD.

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What is pericarditis? BMI Calculator. Imperial Metric. Height ft. Weight lbs. Height cm. Weight kg. United States Last Updated: 5 mins ago.

Confirmed Cases 0. New Cases 0. Total Deaths 0. New Deaths 0. Total Recovered 0. Active Cases 0. In Critical 0.When a person starts feeling chest pain it's likely that they will be concerned.

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Chest pain left side can be even more frightening because this side effect is often associated with a heart attack. In the event of a heart attack you will want to get medical attention as quickly as possible, but other symptoms that can cause chest pain may not require the same kind of emergency care.

Knowing the signs of a heart attack and other likely causes of chest pain can help you narrow down if your situation is life threatening or not. Left side chest pain is a classic sign that you may soon experience a heart attack. In most cases this pain is combined with other signs. The pain in the chest is often described as pressure, squeezing, or fullness within the chest cavity. In some cases a burning sensation and pain will be experienced.

The arms may also feel weak, achy or suddenly feel heavier than normal. If you are suffering from an impending heart attack you may suddenly feel a shortness of breath. Unusual fatigue may overtake the body and you may begin to feel lightheaded or dizzy. Many patients also fall into a cold sweat or begin flushing just before having a heart attack. The pain of the chest may also begin to travel to your back. Not all patients will experience all of these symptoms.

If you experience one or more of these and your discomfort comes on suddenly, contact emergency medical services for assistance. Due to the high concentration of organs in the chest there are a number of issues which can lead to chest pain:. In addition to having a heart attack, heart pain can be caused by angina, a condition which is caused when normal blood flow is limited due to the harrowing of the arteries.

When it gets difficult for the blood to flow, you may feel a tightness or sharp pain similar to a muscle cramp on the left side. This may be more common or more pronounced after physical activity where the heart is beating faster. Stress and unhealthy lifestyle. Stress can also lead to chest pain. You may feel tightness in the chest which becomes worse or agitated during periods of extreme stress.

Poor lifestyle choices can also lead to conditions which put excessive pressure on the heart or cause the arteries to tighten, causing pain on the left side of the chest. These include diabetes, obesity or excessive intake of alcohol or tobacco. If left unchecked, these issues can lead to severe cardiac issues including a heart attack. Intestinal trouble. Sometimes intestinal trouble will cause pain in the chest. Gas pushing its way up through the intestines can cause pain on the left side of the chest.

Heartburn or severe digestive disorders can also cause chest pain when symptoms flare. If classic signs of a heart attack do not accompany this pain then it is likely that you are experiencing something other than cardiac dysfunction. Physical injuries. Straining a muscle, contracting a large bruise or pinching a nerve can cause the left side to become sore. In addition to causing chest pain, a pinched nerve can lead to numbness or desensitization in the arm which can be mistaken for a heart attack.

Evaluating your symptoms carefully can help you determine if you are suffering from an injury or a cardiac issue. If you begin to feel any of the symptoms of a heart attack listed above in addition to developing pain in the chest, you should seek medical attention. Pain from a heart attack is often described as tightness or pressure rather than a stabbing pain or a dull ache which begins in the chest but begins to become more severe and radiate to other parts of the body over the course of a few minutes.

Pain that lasts for a long period of time or is noticeably localized to one area is probably not a heart attack, but may still require medical attention if you have injured yourself. Chest pain left side or right side all signal something wroing, make sure you know the best ways to cope:.Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center.

Advertising on our site helps support our mission. We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services. These conditions go away in a few days. The best treatment is taking pain relievers and staying away from activities that aggravate the pain.

Fortunately, the most harm it does is cause worry. This pain can be stunning. If the pain recurs, try anti-inflammatory medicine, like ibuprofen. Usually, serious pain is:. Pain related to the heart also typically radiates out from the chest. If your child has these symptoms, call your doctor immediately. A pediatrician or pediatric cardiologist can help get to the bottom of it. Share this article via email with one or more people using the form below.

Send me expert insights each week in Health Essentials News. Learn more about vaccine availability. Advertising Policy. You have successfully subscribed to our newsletter. Kids can get chest pain too — even sudden, sharp pain that takes their breath away. Related Articles. Trending Topics.Ask doctors free. Top answers from doctors based on your search:. A Verified Doctor answered.

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A US doctor answered Learn more. Exam: Get a physical exam and a chest x-ray.

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You may have a chest wall irritation of lung issues. You need evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. Send thanks to the doctor. Get help now: Ask doctors free Personalized answers. David Lipkin answered. Not heart: Tightness or pinching in the chest for just a few seconds is no a symptom of coronary heart disease.

Coronary artery disease can cause chest discomfor Read More. John cuong Doan answered. It may be: costochondritis inflammation of the cartilage between your rib and sternuma blood clot in the lungs, acid reflux, a muscle injury, or heart proble Harold Fields answered.

Pain: No, this myofascial and no indication of heart problems. Good Luck. Oscar Novick answered. Smoking: Your chest discomfort, sinusitis, and asthma can all be due to your smoking. Your symptoms are a warning signal.

What Pain on Your Left Side Could Mean

Take note. Kannan Mutharasan answered. Maybe: it is hard to say what your symptoms are from given a short description and not knowing your age -- so the most honest answer is maybe. In general ter All in the head? As long as we live we will have these annoying aches and pains that are more of nuisance value than p Andrew Fischer answered. Get checked out. Without knowing the full symptoms Yelena Kipervas answered.Indigestion that leads to chest pain and burping can possibly be serious and a sign of cardiac trouble.

If this is the first time you have dealt with these two symptoms together, you need to seek emergency medical attention. If it is an ongoing problem, this article will help you understand some of the causes and what you can do about it.

Chest pain and burping can have a number of causes, from digestive issues to cardiac conditions. It is important to receive a proper diagnosis and treatment. Here are some of the common causes of chest pain with burping and other symptoms you may be feeling:.

Irritable bowel syndrome is also known as IBS. It can cause both burping along with chest pain along with:. Your doctor may also do a scope into your digestive system to look for signs of inflammation in the bowel. This condition occurs when the sphincter muscle from the abdomen to the esophagus is loosened and acids can slip up into the esophagus and throat. This can cause excessive belching and what feels like chest pain under the sternum. Other symptoms include:. Your doctor can place a gauged tube into your esophagus that will measure the amount of stomach acid going up and down over a hour period of time.

Most of the time, GERD can be diagnosed just based on your symptoms and history. This condition happens when your intestines or stomach bulges through a hole in your abdominal muscles and up into your chest. It can cause burping and chest pain along with other symptoms such as:. Doctors can do a barium x-ray to check for the hernia. Endoscopy can be performed to look at the inside of the esophagus and stomach.

This is a severe irritation and inflammation of the pancreas. The acute phase of this illness can cause severe chest pain, back pain, vomiting and belching. The doctor can perform blood testing to check for high levels of the enzymes; amylase and lipase from the pancreas. They will also do a CT scan to check for inflammation in the pancreas and possible stones from the gallbladder that can cause the condition. The symptoms of a heart attack can be very different for each individual.

The symptoms also vary between men and women. Burping and chest pain can be a very prominent symptom of a heart attack. Other symptoms can include:.Pain in the left side of your belly abdomen is a common symptom and could indicate a variety of conditions. Pain is never normal, but it is not always serious. Pain in your left abdomen usually comes from one of the organs in that part of your body.

Organs on the left side of your abdomen that might cause pain include:. A blood clot or infection in the left lung can also cause left-sided abdominal pain.

pinching pain left side of chest

A heart attack or swelling around the heart can cause this pain, too. Pain on the left side of your abdomen may last a short time acute pain or a long time chronic pain. The pain might start in one place and move radiate to another.

The pain might be sharp or dull. Other symptoms you experience along with the pain can be very important in figuring out the cause of your pain. They can include nausea, cramping, diarrheafever and constipation. Stomach ulcer or inflammation of the stomach gastritis.

pinching pain left side of chest

This may cause acute or chronic pain in the left upper part of your abdomen. Other symptoms include nausea and vomiting. Bleeding in the stomach may cause bloody vomiting or stool that is bloody, black or tarry. Cancer or inflammation of the pancreas pancreatitis.

This can cause pain in the left upper part of the pancreas. Pancreatitis causes severe and constant pain that may radiate to the back, sometimes accompanied by nausea, vomiting and fever. Pancreatic cancer causes pain that is dull and more gradual. Symptoms include nausea, yellowing of the skin and eyes jaundiceand weight loss. Cancer, infection, or diseases of the left colon. These conditions can cause crampy pain in the lower left abdomen.

Chest Pain in Kids: Explained by a Pediatric Cardiologist

Other symptoms may include changes in bowel habits, weight loss, fever, blood or mucus in the stool, and tenderness when pressing on the lower abdomen. A cancer or disease that blocks the colon may cause crampy pain and constipation. Cancer or inflammation of the small intestine. This can cause left-sided abdominal pain along with changes in bowel habits, loss of appetite, cramping, gas, bloating, and blood or mucus in the stool.

Kidney diseasekidney infectionor kidney stones. Pain from these conditions may be sharp and acute. It may radiate to behind the ribs or down into the groin. Other symptoms may include burning pain when passing urine, feverblood in the urine, and tenderness in the right flank. Pelvic pain in women. One cause of pain is an ectopic pregnancywhen a fertilized egg attaches outside of the uterus.

The pain may be acute and sharp. Other symptoms may include changes in bowel habits and vaginal bleeding. An ovarian cyst also can cause pelvic pain in women. The pain may come and go, can be dull, and may radiate to the back. Other symptoms may include abnormal and painful periods.


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